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.NET library for calculating sun/moon positions and phases. Ported from the SunCalc JavaScript library.
AstroAlgo is an astronomical algorithms library, written in .NET Core. It can be used to calculate astronomical data, like equator and ecliptic coordinate, planet rise and set time, elevation angle and so on. Planets data are based on the planetary theory VSOP87.
NuGet package for functionality for estimating profits/losses given a solar array proposal. The package attempts to answer the question of "With a proposal of x kw generation/year, at y per month, for z years, at what point during the financing terms do the solar panels become cheaper than not... More information
[JAVASCRIPT library]Convert Solar Hijri date time to Gregorian date time and the other way around
Convert between DateTime and DateLunar: For example: DateTime solar = new DateTime(2022, 10, 20); DateLunar lunar = solar.ToDateLunar(); Console.WriteLine(lunar.ToString()); // 25/09/2022