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  • raspberry-pi
MMALSharp brings low level access to the Raspberry Pi camera module in C#. Based on the native MMAL library, MMALSharp allows you to configure a rich set of camera/sensor related settings via an easy to use asynchronous API.
Raspberry.System is a Mono/.NET assembly providing access to Raspberry Pi system features. It is an initiative of the Raspberry# Community, aimed at providing tools and information concerning use of Raspberry Pi boards with Mono/.NET framework. Visit project [Github... More information
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  • OneWire Raspberry IoT
One Wire library for Windows IoT on Raspberry Pi via DS2482-100 and DS2482-800 I2C to One Wire bridge
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  • Raspberry Pi IoT
An empty project template for .NET Core 2 IoT applications deployed to the Raspberry Pi 3. I wrote about how to use this template and install it into your development environment in this... More information
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  • raspberry pi iot i2c
This library contains an interface and abstract class to support interactions with I2C devices.
This library contains an interface to control camera devices through Windows 10 IoT Core. This library contains no concrete implementation, so that any project consuming these interfaces can swap out the implementation.
A very lightweight HTTP server implementation for .NET written using C#; designed to support low-energy devices, such as the Raspberry Pi.