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This project is a merge of several common DateTime operations on the form of extensions to System.DateTime, including natural date difference text (precise and human rounded), holidays and working days calculations on several culture locales. Feedback will be much appreciated.
This is a C#-Library that makes reading CS:GO-Demos and analyzing them easier.
This package gives French Public Holidays between 1950 and 2050. It uses a web API described in this French government website : https://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/datasets/jours-feries-en-france/.
The utility classes and extension methods I tend to pull along with me as I move from project to project. I basically got tired of re-writing them. Also as they slowly morphed, I wouldn't be sure which past project I should refer to when I was starting a new project (to make sure I got the latest... More information
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Calculate national public holidays for countries including US, UK, France, Belgium and Canada for any year