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A mix of inspired, open source and own code functions. Some of which is very old ported and obsolete. This helps me move old projects acorss to .NET Core (.NET 5 / 6) Eventually this library will be striped down.
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  • last updated 9/13/2021
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • K2host OS Windows
A Windows only library for controlling and staring windows services.
A Socket lib allowing you to create communications from app to app. TCP with support of TLS / SSL with SNI. ReverseProxy using either HTTP or PORT MAPPING. RAW Sockets enabling custom setups and other libraries. Listener socket for packet sniffing using SharpPCap.Net.
An alternative to Entity Framework Core using simple DMM from code to MsSQL. The objects that can inherit this base can still be used with Entity Framework. Also supports external data triggers using the trigger service to get any requests from a remote or local trigger.
A WebServer libaray for creating a custom internet information service using sockets. The implementation supports TLS, SSL, SNI, HSTS, CORS, Routing (Virtual paths), Session based applications and more. Designed for Api driven services but can do a lot more.
A Massive collection of CRM, ERP API library that allows the service side and the front user interface (UI) to be separated. This Lib is packed with object relating to different industries using the K2host.Data library for DMM (Data Model Mapping).