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  • enum
Classes to help produce strongly typed smarter enums in .NET.
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Package Description
Helpful static methods (or extension methods) for enums and delegates, with constraints which can't be expressed in regular C#.
This package adds friendly text output for System.Enum types. Use the GetDescription() method to return friendly text, or the text of a System.ComponentModel.DescriptionAttribute if applied. Parse() will parse the DescriptionAttribute, friendly text, or original text of the enums.... More information
Library to allow conversion between an Enum Value and a string, in both directions. v4.0.0 changes default behaviour to include caching and use enum literal names. It also adds thread-safety, but drops support for .NET 3.5 See nuget for full version history
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Affinity,Betting,Country,DatabaseOperation,Debug,Direction,Execution, Flux, ListOrdinal,ProcessState, Quality,Rainbow,RadialDirection,Resolution,Scale, Side,Sort,Speed,Sport,SportsBetting,Switch,Tense,Weather enums. Names Attribute (and helper methods) to match strings to enums and CountryInfo... More information
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  • T4 Enum
Generate enum helper class and extension method to avoid enum's boxing/unboxing
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  • Enum Utility
The fastest enum utilities for C#/.NET. Provided methods are all achieved zero allocation and faster than System.Enum.
This package provides extension and static methods to enable custom, strongly typed metadata objects to be associated with enum instances. Now supports .Net 4, .Net 4.5 and NetCore 4.5 (Windows Store)