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Minded helps to implement a clean architecture, offering the scaffholding necessary to implement patterns like Mediator, Decorator, Command and Query and more. Encapsuplate all your business logic in Commands and Queries, the rest will be dealth by the framework.
This library allows the creation of CQS style applications with the ability to easily add decorators at any point.
A package to decorate (extend) a model with additional properties. This can be useful if you have a model shared on server-side and client-side (Blazor), where you want business logic be separated from the rendering logic. Fluent Decorator let you define this rendering logic in a centralized place.
A library for easy validations. You can easily validate instances of your classes or any values, whether it be method parameters or anything else. It can also be used for validating user input or writing tests. You may combine different validations at runtime using decorators to validate individual... More information