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DBreeze database key features: - Embedded .NET family assembly, platform independent and without references to other libraries. - Multi-threaded, ACID compliant, with a solution for deadlocks resolving/elimination, parallel reads and synchronized writes/reads. - No fixed scheme for table... More information
Fast lightweight embedded ACID table-style document nosql database. easily deploy on mobile, desktop and web applications. SQL-Like query methods, thread safe with CRUD. Persistence + ORM + Cache + Embeddable, ONE STOP solution. for .NET Mono Xamarin ASP.NET Core Mobile Cross Platform
A free, ultra portable, embedded, nosql, serverless database. Designed to be easy to use and easy to deploy. Works in any .Net environment that supports .Net Standard. Perfect for Apps, IoT, Xamarin or any project requiring a light weight, easy to use database. Thread Safe AES Encryption