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The Semantic Logging Application Block provides a set of destinations (sinks) to persist application events published using a subclass of the EventSource class from the System.Diagnostics.Tracing namespace. Sinks include Azure table storage, SQL Server databases, file, console and rolling files with... More information
Contains many exception classes for common basic errors. Clear messages, concise syntax, strongly-typed, good performance. Generates messages like "myParent.MyChildren[0].MyProperty is null.", "height of 2 is less than 10.", "Customer with key { customerNumber = 1234, customerType = Subscriber } not... More information
A small set of methods that help getting MemberInfo using lambda expressions. Example: Info.PropertyOf<YourClass>(c => c.YourProperty); Releases: 1.1 Added some convenience overloads for the case when you already have Expression<Func<T, TResult>>.
Type-DB is a serialized, embedded, strongly-typed, in-memory database, that can be used in a Standalone or a Remote Mode backed with a Type-DB Server. Type-DB Features: - Persistence - Authentication - Triggers - Encryption - Sealing - Signed Objects - Replication