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MvvmCross is the .NET MVVM framework for cross-platform solutions, including Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, Xamarin Forms, Windows and Mac. This package contains the 'Platform' libraries for MvvmCross
Syncfusion Grid Common for Xamarin is a .NET library that provides classes and interfaces for performing scrolling operation in a layout. Key features: • Line Scrolling: Provides scrolling logic to scroll a layout based on lines. • Pixel Scrolling: Provides scrolling logic to scroll a layout in... More information
A MVVM framework that integrates with the Reactive Extensions for .NET to create elegant, testable User Interfaces that run on any mobile or desktop platform. This is the base package with the base platform implementations
Xamarin Binding for Hyphenate iOS Library 3.5.3(0) - 添加NullAllowed修饰 - 给继承于EMFileMessageBody的子类添加构造方法 - 添加静态类DefineConstants,包含#define定义 - 添加EMOptions+PrivateDeploy 扩展