HtmlPackager is a small console .NET SDK tools used to package HTML content into a self contained HTML document either as a single file or console output stream, a folder with all dependencies copied to local or a zip file. It provides a automated way to perform a similar task to what Browser **Save... More information
LiveReloadServer provides a generic Web Server for static files and loose Razor files in any local folder. Commandline options let you customize the path, port and a host of other options. Live Reload provides the ability to change static files and Razor files and automatically refresh the active... More information
Small library that allows you to easily compile C# source code and execute it at runtime using either Roslyn or the classic C# compiler. You can execute code blocks, evaluate expressions, execute methods, and compile classes directly to live instances using either Roslyn or the classic C# compiler.
Web Connection Web Server is a self-contained local Web Server that can run Web Connection requests on a local machine for development, and optionally also in production behind IIS. The server provides the abililty to forward requests to a Web Connection FoxPro server, as well as the ability... More information