ESB / Message Bus implementation for Microsoft.Net, based on SQL Server database as a message store. Supported features: - Durable and transactional messages - Pub/Sub message routing - Support for Sagas - Message sequences, expiration, correlation, http bridge - Robust retrying strategy,... More information
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Sooda is an object-to-relational mapping (O/R Mapping) software for the .NET environment. It lets you automatically generate an object-oriented data access layer (DAL) for your application. Instead of writing SQL code, you can now focus on writing business rules in object-oriented .NET... More information
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NGinn.BPM is an open-source BPM engine for Microsoft.Net and Mono. It contains a process modeling language and a workflow execution engine that can run embedded or standalone. NGinn.BPM is inspired by YAWL and BPMN, process model is based on Petri nets. The execution engine is transactional, based... More information