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Nuget Package for Backbone.Validation javascript plugin by thedersen - http://thedersen.com/projects/backbone-validation/
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  • last updated 6/28/2018
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  • backbone js mvc rest
A library designed to handle mvc by defining classes through IModel, adding appropriate attribues and methods and properties. This will then generate js to interface with it based off of backbonejs and rest calls back which will be handled by the library.
Nuget Package for Backbone.Validation javascript plugin (AMD version) by thedersen - http://thedersen.com/projects/backbone-validation/
A simple infrastructure based on messaging patterns and service bus implementations for decoupling Backbone and Backbone.Marionette applications.
Backbone Ribs is an extension project which adds an additional layer of functionality to Backbone that simplifies creation of basic types of views, adds more granular JSON handling and separates concerns further by separating Views from Regions (see Views and regions below for details) which enables... More information