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HtmlTextBlock is a light-weighted WPF control that allow you to display rich text, by translating html like tags into TextBlock.Inlines.
XText allows you to easily create a text based layout simply in code, including Paragraphs, inlines, formatting etc. Also gives the ability to conditionally writing out elements
Toolkit for Windows phone 8.1 --------------------------------- - Flipview with incremental loading, - Collection for lazy loading, - Flipview indocatior, - Slideshow integration in flipview, - HTML Textblock (HTML VIEWER), - Rating control from Windows phone toolkit, - WrapPanel from Windows... More information
Text input control - Decorates the text box with leading and trailing icons, and assistive labels such as floating hint label, counter label, error, and help text. This package contains common classes and interfaces that are used to decorates the text box with leading and trailing icons, and... More information