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QR Code Generator for .NET – simple, compact and with many examples. Core features: - Supports encoding all 40 versions (sizes) and all 4 error correction levels, as per the QR Code Model 2 standard - Output formats: Raw modules/pixels of the QR symbol, SVG and XAML path (for raster bitmap / PNG... More information
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  • Japanese Kanji
Meisuu (命数) is a Japanese Kansuuji (漢数字) parser
This NuGet package provides a C# interface to easily query and fetch kanji data from the Kanji Alive public API. This package is designed to simplify development of Japanese learning desktop and web applications on the C#/.NET platform.
The Gem library makes it easier to work with furigana text, particularly on web pages. Gem uses a simple syntax to encode furigana information in Japanese text. The text to be displayed in the furigana gem is simply included in square brackets following the character or group of characters it... More information