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SharpBarcode is an efficient Barcode and QR code reader and writer. It supports almost all common types of linear bar codes and QR code with high efficiency and accuracy. Support custom data to generate bar codes or QR codes in various formats. Support to adjust the generated results, such as... More information
用于快速创建和更新 .NETCore 2.1 + PostgreSQL 项目,非常合适敏捷开发; dotnet tool install -g GenPg
快速创建和更新 .NETCore 2.1 + MySQL 项目,非常合适敏捷开发; dotnet tool install -g GenMy
用于快速创建和更新 .NETCore 2.1 + SQLServer 项目,非常合适敏捷开发; dotnet tool install -g GenMs
二维码识别/生成工具ThoughtWorks.QRCode标准库 ThoughtWorks.QRCode很好用,但是该类库不支持标准库 于是我通过反编译dll,做了个标准版,并依赖引用了System.Drawing.Common 作者haoersheng没有留联系方式,如有侵权请联系我删除!!!