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LogicBuilder.RulesDirector manages the state of the flow for the Logic Builder, including switching between rule engines, and keeping track of the current location as the rules are evaluated.
A validation library for Knockout. Features include: - value parsing and formatting - property validation - model and sub-model validation - rule chaining - value bindings - CSS bindings -static and dynamic validation summaries -easy to extend, localise, customise -fits in with your... More information
RulesX is a simple rule evaluation C# library built using reflection, expressions and some linq. It evaluates the rule by comparing a given value with the matching property name in the type. It supports evaluation of rules on a single object, collection of objects and also on complex objects
SeedPacket 3.0 (BETA) adds a .seed() method onto IEnumerable for the quick seeding of data. Designed to be a part of your LINQ workflow, it quick generates and populates many IEnumerable list types with realistic data. Ex: var mylist = new List<Item>().Seed(). SeedPacket is easy to use, with a... More information
Rules Engine is a C# project that makes it easier for developers to define business rules on domain objects without coupling the domain object to the business rule. The rules engine supports cross-field validation and conditional validation. Rules are interface-based and are easily extensible. Rules... More information
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  • Rules Rule Zee
A simple generic json-based rules engine.
NDecision.Aspects provides AOP-driven business logic execution. NDecision is a Fluent decisioning engine written with Behavior Driven Development practices.
SDK for building Flow Steps, Forms, Rules, Reports and more in Decisions. Decisions is a visual workflow and rule engine environment for the enterprise.