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Contains basic tools for Rjindael encryption, password hashing and type conversion as well as helpful extensions for basic typs like Images, String and Lists.
A fixed, enhanced and namespace compatible version of BCrypt.Net port of jBCrypt implemented in C#. It uses a variant of the Blowfish encryption algorithm’s keying schedule, and introduces a work factor, which allows you to determine how expensive the hash function will be, allowing the algorithm to... More information
Stanford-password-policy-dotnet is a password validator library for ASP.NET Core. The Stanford password policy is a dynamic password policy that encourages the use of easy to remember, yet secure passphrases instead of hard to remember passwords.
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HS-HASH is a data hashing class that uses a secure hash algorithm and returns the hashed value of the entered string. For security reasons, you may want to store passwords in hashed form. This guards against the possibility that someone who gains unauthorized access to the database can retrieve the... More information
Identical to the AspNetCore Identity PasswordHasherV3. This library is meant for those who do not want to use/include "AspNetCore Identity" but would still like to use its awesome PasswordHasher.