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  • Console Shell
The ConsoleControl API provides common functionality used in the ConsoleControl and ConsoleControl.WPF libraries.
Wide framework allows you to build your application by creating PRISM modules which participate in building the IDE. This way you can modularize the code for each part of your application. For more details: https://github.com/chandramouleswaran/Wide/
Automatically force your ClickOnce app to update itself without prompting the user, making a less obtrusive end-user experience, and guaranteeing they are always using the latest version of the application. Adds a post-build event to the project to run a PowerShell script that updates the ClickOnce... More information
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  • Latest version: 0.0.2
  • JavaScript Shell
jish - JavaScript Interactive Shell Build ontop of js.net, Jish aims to provide some shell utilities to run and interpret JavaScript commands and files. Jish also provides a way of loading .Net framework libraries into your scripts.
DirectoryInfoEx has a similar interface as DirectoryInfo, but it use IShellFolder, and it support special folders like desktop, mycomputer.
Library for building console menu. Allows to execute selected command with provided arguments.
The RPL for your REPL. It's a REPL for Console Apps that features a command history, word completion, and basic shell nav. Just add your own prompt, startup message, and callback for handling the user input. More info at https://github.com/sorrell/InteractivePrompt