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This Script Pack for scriptcs provides management of Windows Azure resources via the Windows Azure Management Libraries. Provides the following: - Compute Management (Deployments, Hosted/Cloud Services, Operating Systems, Service Certificates, Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Images & Disks) -... More information
A script pack for ScriptCS that brings in the ClrMD API and additional functionality around it for fast, powerful and flexible analysis of .NET applications.
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  • last updated 10/15/2014
  • Latest version: 0.0.1
  • Fixie ScriptCs
Use Fixie to run tests with ScriptCs. You must run with the -debug flag. Ex: scriptcs MyScript.csx -debug
Script pack for ASP.NET Web API. * Use this script pack to easily create an OWIN self-host, or configure an existing OWIN host * The host is wired up to discover in-memory controllers.
This is a temporary package aimed at resolving Nuget.Core issues in KPM until ASP.NET 5 goes out of beta3. ScriptCs.Hosting provides common services necessary for hosting scriptcs in your application.
A cross-platform http request script library. Using this script library you can write very simple declarative scripts for performing http requests without all the boilerplate code normally required for this. You can even define your own classes and they will automatically get... More information
This script pack allows a log level to be set at the script level and provides the following methods to write out messages at the appropriate log level : Error, Warn, Info and Debug.