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Symbols for package 'pcre'. This package should not likely be installed. (This is not the package you are looking for).
A fully featured chat bot framework, that can be used to setup your own chatbot with ease. Allows you to define commands for a chatbot that will work with every chat app (be it Discord, slack, ...). Will need an api wrapper per chat app that you intend to use (for example see package... More information
Allows applying a regular expression replacement for a pattern over an entire file or files. Example: <RegexReplace Files="@(Compile)" Pattern="/\* LICENSE \*/" Replacement="$(LicenseHeader)" />
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  • msbuild regex
MSBuild task for regular expression pattern matching for MSBuild properties like this: <RegexMatch Input="$(Foo)" Pattern="^Hello"> <Output TaskParameter="Match" PropertyName="Result" /> </RegexMatch>
A simple package for text scrubbing, regex replacement, character and word mapping. My first attempt at a simple scrubbing package.