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  • Blazor Webassembly
Enable dynamic loading of Javascript and CSS files in Blazor client projects. Avoid having to add <link> and <script> tags to index.html every time you reference a 3rd-party component library. Create component libraries using attribute-based insertion of related scripts and css.
Vidazor = Video + Blazor | The HTML5 Video API For Blazor - Vidazor provides a C#/Blazor interface to the HTML5 video API that you normally can only access with JavaScript. The docs are available at https://github.com/AradAral/Vidazor
Opt-in Model-View-Controller framework for Blazor. Keep UI logic away from layout and formatting. Enable decoupled and dynamically composed screens along with broadcasted UI events. From a founder of the ASP.NET MvcContrib library.
Provides a configuration driven method to add WAGI modules as route endpoints to ASP.Net Core applications using WAGI.WARNING: WAGI is experimental. It is not considered production-grade by its developers, neither is it "supported" software..
Prism is a fully open source version of the Prism guidance originally produced by Microsoft Patterns & Practices. Prism provides an implementation of a collection of design patterns that are helpful in writing well structured, maintainable, and testable XAML applications, including MVVM, dependency... More information
WasmerSharp is a .NET API to host the Wasmer WebAssembly runtime in .NET, allowing developers to blend WebAssembly code with .NET code in desktops and servers.