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A collection of things implemented in a common library. Named for our development team.
Provides basic functionality to create a page tag with attributes and class information and place this HTML into a Razor page with C# code. This library is the base for all Razor Tools libraries that provided unobtrusive JavaScript capabilities for well-known jQuery plug-ins.
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Equip is a group of useful functionality and tools to make writing code easier.
A collection of tools I have found useful across more than one project. This nuget package will contain all the items (both C# and otherwise) that don't fit into any of my other packages. See source README for full explanation.
A library that I tend to create for just about every project... contains extensions and other things that I find useful, you might too (or maybe not).
NClone is a library that takes care of cloning .NET objects and object trees. It saves you from writing boilerplate and error-prone Clone methods and does not harm your application performance.
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A command-line tool that enables quick deployments over SSH. This is program was specifically designed to streamline .NET application development for the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.