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OpenShare.Net Service Library. Contains some ready made injectable services like HttpService for connecting to API's, MailService (uses Exchange Web Services), and allows for easy configuration with Configuration Factory and Configuration Service examples. See source code on Github by using the... More information
This package helps auto-restart a asp.net application hosted in iis after a shutdown. Just in 2 steps: adding a library and setting a couple of config settings. Configuration info on project's url
Marmot is a multi-threaded connection pooling secure for RabbitMQ client that supports Fanout, Direct, and Topic modes.
MemoryStream alternative using array pool instead of GC new. Best used for LOH sized streams. Look at benchmarks on github for details.
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  • last updated 12/20/2018
  • Latest version: 1.2.0+f6f7e21dfca0f56c1708467d477397e11e859a77
  • utility async resource pool
Library containing factory methods for resource pool API of ResourcePooling.Async.Abstractions package. The factory methods are defined as extension methods on AsyncResourceFactory<TResource> interface.