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PCL Storage provides a consistent, portable set of local file IO APIs for .NET, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Silverlight. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET libraries and apps.
Cave.IO by: aro
  • 38,937 total downloads
  • last updated 12/11/2021
  • Latest version: 2.1.4
  • CaveSystems IO
CaveSystems IO Library. This package contains: * Fast non buffering data readers and writers. * Endian conversion. * Stream buffers (fifo, ring). * Fast struct marshalling. * Ini (Settings) readers and writers.
  • 32,594 total downloads
  • last updated 3/5/2020
  • Latest version:
  • file io
A .NET library to access files and directories with more than 260 characters length.
  • 32,882 total downloads
  • last updated 9/30/2021
  • Latest version: 3.0.0
  • Appccelerate IO
Provides functionality for simplified IO operations: File system abstraction (completely testable) Stream decorators/interceptors, loader for resources (from file/embedded). Supported on Windows only.