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A bunch of extension methods I use a lot. I don't guarantee that you will like them all or they all work for you. I am uploading them here to make package restore easier.
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Generic Extension Methods is a class library of extension methods to help create cleaner code that is easier to maintain and provides better semantic meaning for casual observers. These methods also remove a lot of repetitive code that is utilized across objects of similar types
Not in active development. I do not own this project. This is just a git mirror of the SVN repo. Git mirror of SVN repo at https://extensionoverflow.codeplex.com. Started from this Stackoverflow post: http://stackoverflow.com/q/271398/3286583.
The packages contains a library of extension methods which I have written over the years and used in various projects. Some of them are of great convenience and some are just for fun.
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Collection of some useful extension methods