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CriptQuery was used to help you with parameters in the URL. Crypt and Decrypt URL in safe mode. You can see how to use here --> https://www.ecode10.com/artigo/684/Criptografando-URL
包含一些常用的操作类,大都是静态类,加密解密,反射操作,硬件信息,字符串扩展方法,日期时间扩展操作,大文件拷贝,图像裁剪,html处理,验证码、NoSql等常用封装。 官网教程:https://ldqk.org/55 github:https://github.com/ldqk/Masuit.Tools
This is a simple package for cryption/encryption and hashing that supports Net Standard 2.0 for use in .Net Framework and .Net Core. For use in production, libraries supporting key vaults such as Azure Key Vault is suggested instead.
This package you can use to encrypt and decrypt your database connection string. We are using public key and private key. Follow some steps to use the package: 1. Create a public key in your system like "#02837-2908sljsl1ALSJ-299SN-292830K#$&" 1. Encrypt your connection using the package using the... More information