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CPF / CNPJ Framework Methods that help you to check and format the special numbers of CPF and CNPJ. Help me a lot and I'm putting here to help other people. Example to use the code: CPFCNPJ.Main main = new CPFCNPJ.Main(); var formato = main.FormatCPFCNPJ("09009909000",... More information
Core library for generate and validate Brazil data types, eg.: CPF (Person Tax Number), CNPJ (Company Federal Tax Number), Inscrição Estadual (Company State Tax Number). This library focus on high-performance and easy-to-use methods.
Do you have any data to check? NIP NIF CPF CNPJ Date Number Decimal Hour Money Card URL Email :::: Return data of the string :::: ReturnLetters ReturnSymbols ReturnLetterOrDigit ReturnPunctuation ReturnWhiteSpace ReturnUpperCase ReturnLowerCase ReturnSeparator So, this framework is for you.
Biblioteca para consultas SOAP (XML) e REST (JSON) dos serviços CDC disponibilizados pelo site soawebservices.com.br. Para criar uma conta e obter e-mail e senha, acessar: http://www.soawebservices.com.br/clientes/acessar-sua-conta.aspx?goback=/clientes/default.aspx