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The layout package contains splitter and dashboard layout components. List of components: • DashboardLayout • Splitter Dashboard Layout: The Blazor DashboardLayout is a grid structured layout control that helps to create a dashboard with panels. Panels hold the UI components and allow resize,... More information
The Blazor ProgressBar is a control that indicates the progress of a task with customizable visuals. It includes features to visualize progress in rectangular and circular shapes, determinate and indeterminate states, segments, and customized ranges in different colors. It also supports... More information
The Blazor In-place Editor component is most useful for editing a value dynamically within its context (in-place). It features inline and pop-up modes, and customizable user interface (UI) and events. Key Features: • Render mode - Provides two types of rendering modes when editing the input, namely... More information
The Blazor Spinner is a loading indicator that denotes long-running tasks with no information about their progress. The component provides circular progress indicators without any interaction capabilities. Key Features: • Built-in types: Five built-in, theme-based spinners are available. • Labels:... More information
The Blazor scheduler component(https://www.syncfusion.com/blazor-components/blazor-scheduler) is an event calendar which facilitates users with the common Outlook-calendar features, thus allowing them to plan and manage their events/appointments and its time in an efficient way. Key Features: •... More information
A package of Blazor navigation components such as Accordion, Context-menu, Menu, Tabs, Toolbar, Tree-view and Sidebar. Accordion An Accordion is a vertically collapsible panel that displays one or more panels at a time within the available space. Helpful links: Feature tour:... More information
The Blazor File Manager is a graphical user interface component used to manage the file system. It enables the user to perform common file operations such as accessing, editing, uploading, downloading, and sorting files and folders. This component also allows easy navigation for browsing or... More information
The Blazor Tree Grid is a feature-rich control used to visualize self-referential and hierarchical data effectively in a tabular format. It can pull data from data sources such as enumerable collecton of records, RESTful services, OData services, WCF services or DataManager. It also expands or... More information
Create, edit, or visualize diagrams using the Blazor Diagram. It has built-in support for flowcharts, organizational charts, and more. List of Components: • Diagram • Symbol palette • Overview Diagrams: Visualize, create, and edit interactive diagrams.Build flowcharts, BPMN shapes,... More information
Query Builder is a graphical user interface that used for filtering large amounts of data by creating or editing conditions. Key Features: • Data binding: It auto populates the data source and maps the data to the appropriate fields. • Template: Supports templates and it is applicable for all... More information
The [Blazor Rich Text Editor](https://www.syncfusion.com/blazor-components/blazor-wysiwyg-rich-text-editor) component is a HTML and markdown editor that provides the best user experience for creating, updating, and formatting the content. Key Features: • Mode: Provides <IFRAME> and <DIV>... More information
The Blazor HeatMap Chart is used to visualize a two-dimensional data in which the values are represented in gradient or fixed colors. Key features: • Axis Type - Supports three different types of axes to populate the data, namely Numerical, Categorical,and Datetime. • Axis Feature - Supports... More information
The Kanban board visually depicts work at various stages of a process using columns, cards, and swimlane. Key Features: • Drag-and-drop: Provides smooth drag-and-drop support to Kanban cards that represent various stages of tasks. • Data Binding: Binds the Kanban component with DataManager, from... More information
Blazor Charts(https://www.syncfusion.com/blazor-components/blazor-charts?utm_source=nuget&utm_medium=listing&utm_campaign=blazor-chart-nuget) is a well-crafted charting component to visualize data. It contains a rich gallery of 30+ charts and graphs, ranging from line to financial, that fit all... More information
Blazor Barcode (QR Code) Generator is a feature-rich component used to create, edit, and visualize industry-standard 1D and 2D barcodes in web apps. List of Components: • BarcodeGenerator • QRCodeGenerator • DataMatrixGenerator Barcode Generator : Supports most common 1D and 2D... More information
The Blazor Range Selector is an interface for selecting a small range from a larger collection. It is commonly used in financial dashboards to filter a date range for data that needs to be visualized. Key Features: * Data Types * Chart Types * Lightweight * Scales * Period Selector *... More information
The Blazor Smith Chart is a component for showing the parameters of transmission lines in high-frequency circuit applications. Its rich feature set includes features like legends, markers, tooltips, and data labels. Key Features: * Rendering type * Title and subtitle * Multiple series * Axis... More information
The Blazor Bullet Chart is used to visually compare measures, similar to the commonly used bar chart. A bullet chart displays one or more measures and compares them with a target value. You can also display the measures in a range of performance such as poor, satisfactory, and good. Key... More information