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C# Client library for Discogs API v2.0 Features Include API to authorize user (generating OAuth1.0 token and token secret) Full support to DataBase API including image download Support of identity API Asynchroneous and cancellable API using Tasks Transparent management of pagination using none... More information
CouchDB API for .NET with asynchronous / synchronous support. This project is based on LoveSeat and DreamSeat and has as goal to extend the API support, improve the source code and provide better documentation.
Fully asynchronous memcached client that uses consistent hashing to minimise cache loss if a cache server leaves the cluster or if you add a cache server to the cluster. Built in performance counters so you can see how the memcached client is behaving on your machine and how many requests you are... More information
EasyActor provides a factory that transforms POCOs in actors that are then seen trougth an interface. Actor guarantees that all calls to the actor interface will occur in a separated thread, sequencially. In order to work, The target interface should only expose methods returning Task or Task. If... More information