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Simple MSBuild Task that helps with maintaining app.config and web.config across multiple projects, and build configurations. Create one app.config/web.config template and share it across multiple projects with different configurations for each build target. Supports * Recursive configuration... More information
Makes it easy to load a strongly-typed object (or IList of objects) from a custom web.config or app.config file section without having to write a custom IConfigurationSectionHandler implementation.
ASP.NET 5 configuration provider for System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager compatibility. Changed name to GV.AspNet.Configuration.Contrib.ConfigurationManager, please use the package at https://www.nuget.org/packages/GV.AspNet.Configuration.Contrib.ConfigurationManager/ instead.
Xdt.Config.Transform will add config transforms for exe and dll project types that tranform each and every transform file when built. These files can then be used to replace the default app.config with the environment specific version app.config during the release cycle.