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Please note - the official DogStats release now includes NetStandard support. Please migrate your references to that package. A port to .NET Core. A DogStatsD client for C#. DogStatsD is an extension of the StatsD metric server for use with Datadog. For more information visit... More information
  • 8,660 total downloads
  • last updated 2/16/2020
  • Latest version: 1.4.14
  • Statsd Client
Blazingly Fast Statsd Client for .NET Standard 1.6+ and .NET Framework 4.0+. It doesn't use any kind of string manipulation and doesn't allocate new buffers and thus generates no work for GC. Very few objecs are allocated during perodic DNS resolution routine.
  • 1,197 total downloads
  • last updated 6/2/2019
  • Latest version: 1.0.0-CI-20190602-212831
  • StatsD
Simple StatsD client
Statsd perf logger for .NET. Includes a sql appender and an appender for using your logging framework (i.e. log4net). Helps debugging when you don't have a statsd server available.
A wrapper over the C# StatsdClient created originally by Goncalo Pereira and Darrell Mozingo. This package provides an injectable version of their static "Metrics" class