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Don't add this package to your project. Install from commandline (dotnet tool install --global SpecFlow.Plus.LivingDoc.CLI) and use with SpecFlow.Plus.LivingDoc.Plugin. A dotnet tool for SpecFlow to generate a shareable HTML Gherkin feature execution report (living documentation).
The native .NET Core report engine is a part of the reporting tool for .NET Core that renders reports from getting data from the source, building bands, calculating aggregate functions, charting, applying styles, conditions, filtering, sorting, and more. Also, the report engine has algorithms for... More information
The RDLC Report runner is a very simple library that allows users to pass an rdlc report, a data file and reports parameters and then generate a report. Optionally the report can be exported to the local file system
Old version of the DbGate class for MS SQL Server. This package is deprecated now. Please use Korzh.EasyQuery.SqlServerGate instead. Korzh.EasyQuery.SqlServerGate package contains exactly the same classes and data structures as in Korzh.EasyQuery.MsSqlGate but it references the new package for... More information