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Utilizes System.Reflection.Metadata to read type information very fast and without locking assembly files.
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Biblioteca para facilitar a programação com reflection. Informações (https://devmartins.github.io/reflectionex/)
In .NET reflection is slow... well, kinda slow. If you need access to the members of an arbitrary type, with the type and member-names known only at runtime - then it is frankly hard (especially for DLR types). This library makes such access easy and fast. Fastmember re-compiled for .NetCore
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Strong-typed static reflection via Reflect: // Void static method MethodInfo cw = Reflect.GetMethod( () => Console.WriteLine); // Instance void method MethodInfo mi = Reflect<IView>.GetMethod(v => v.Show); // Boolean returning instance method MethodInfo pi = Reflect<IViewModel>... More information
Evolved toolkit for developing applications faster and with less code. Includes general purpose extension methods, guard clauses, predefined value objects (PasswordHash,Email, Percentage etc) and specialized helper classes for specific tasks.
Tired of slow .NET Reflection API? This package will let you get rid of this overhead by replacing Reflection calls with much faster delegates. This package contains set of methods for creating delegates for accesing public, internal, protected and private members (fields, properties,... More information