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  • reactive socket
Implementing socket-based prototols in .NET has never been easier. Example: from header in socket.Receiver.Buffer(4) let length = BitConverter.ToInt32(header.ToArray(), 0) let body = socket.Receiver.Take(length) select... More information
Bring the power of Rx to collections using Dynamic Data. Dynamic Data is a comprehensive caching and data manipulation solution which introduces domain centric observable collections. Linq extensions enable dynamic filtering, sorting, grouping, transforms, binding, pagination, data... More information
Reactive Extensions for JavaScript main library used to express complex event processing queries over observable sequences.
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  • .NET Reactive
SmartReactives is a .NET library that will automatically discover dependencies between expressions and variables for you.
A MVVM framework that integrates with the Reactive Extensions for .NET to create elegant, testable User Interfaces that run on any mobile or desktop platform. This is the base package with the base platform implementations
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  • Reactive Future
Monadic Futures that represent asynchronous actions which return a single result
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  • Rx Reactive
Simplified version of the ReactiveUI framework Project main goal is to keep limited subset of ReactiveUI features: - this.WhenAny, this.WhenAnyValue, this.WhenAnyObservable - ObservableAsPropertyHelper, ToProperty - ReactiveObject, this.RaiseAndSetIfChanged - ReactiveCommand, ReactiveAsyncCommand
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  • Rx Reactive
Reactive ETL is a rewrite of Rhino ETL using the reactive extensions for .Net.