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The Microsoft Real-time Media Platform enables bots to interact with Skype and Microsoft Teams calls and Microsoft Teams meetings using real-time voice, video and screen sharing. This is an advanced capability which allows the bot to send and receive voice and video content frame by frame. The bot... More information
MediaToolkit is a .NET library which can convert and process audio and video files. Functionality: - Grab thumbnails from videos - Cut / split videos - Convert video files into various other video formats. - Perform video transcoding tasks. - Set bit rate - Set frame rate - Set... More information
An add-on to Kamsars Dianoga Module that utilizes the ImageMagick library to restrict image dimensions based on Media.Resizing settings in Sitecore.
MediaInfo.NET provides a fast, easy-to-use .NET wrapper for MediaInfo.dll. It abstracts the calls to the underlaying native DLL and provides strongly typed fields for each kind of media stream within a file.
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MPlayerControl is a library written in C# and usable from an .NET language (C#, IronPython, VB.NET, IronRuby, etc..) and example program for accessing mplayer and mencoder. With it you can watch video, listen to audio, or convert videos. You can also do anything that is possible with mencoder.... More information